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Book Published on the enamel works of Dr Michaelides
  • PANICOS MICHAELIDES - The Art of Enamel, Nicosia 2003
A limited number of copies of this book dedicated to the enamel work of Panicos Michaelides is available. This book is written in English and Greek and contains 72 pages and 94 colour plates. It is available for EUR 20 (USD 25) plus postage. Please contact:  or
  • Jan 1993  The 5th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "Award of Encouragement".  Tokyo, Japan
  • Sept 1993  The 27th International Enamelling Exhibition, Ueno Royal Museum, "Award for Artistic Work". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1994  The 7th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "The Mainichi Newspaper Company". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1995  The 8th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "Mainichi Prize". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1996  The 9th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest,  "Award for Excellence". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1997  The 10th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "Special Award of the 10th Commemoration". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1998  The 11th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "Award for Excellence". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 1999  The 12th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "The Mainichi Press Award". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 2000 The 13th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest, "The Grand Prix Award". Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 2001 The 14th Cloisonné Jewelry Contest,  Guest Artist.  Tokyo, Japan
  • 1986  Washington DossierJan, page 74
  • 1989  Glass on Metal, USAApr,Aug,Dec
  • 1990  Glass on MetalJun, page 68
  • 1991  International exhibition of Enamelling Art in Japan
  • 1991-93  Zomanc - email, Kecskemet, Hungary
  • Four seasons of Jewelry, Tokyo, 1993/94/95/96/97/98/99/00/01
  • 1993  The 27th International Enamelling Exhibition in Japan
  • 1995  L'esmalt, Barcelona, SpainDec 27-28
  • 1995  The 95 International Enamelling Exhibition in Japan
  • 1997  Selides magazine, Cyprus January-May
  • 1999  The 33rd International Enamelling Art Exhibition in japan
  • Enamel Medium for fine Art, by Margarete Seeler, Dorrance, USA 1997, page 53
  • Dictionary of Enamelling, by Erika Speel, Ashgate, England 1998, colour plate 61
  • The Art of Enameling, by Linda Darty, USA 2004, Lark Books, page 106
  • 1996 CNN International, "World Report", by Vivienne Lymbouris Loizides, for CNN World Report, Nicosia
  • "Award Winners" - web page by Yohko Yoshimura, Tokyo, Japan
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